At Evans Banks Planning, consideration of feasibility, desirability, sustainability, and commercial viability are at the heart of our schemes.

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Planning Appraisals

Exploring the acceptability of the principle of an idea is the first stage in the development process. A key part of this is undertaking a planning appraisal of a scheme or idea in terms of planning policy and technical challenges it may or may not face. 

We are able to provide such expert advice through appraisals that give a clear initial opinion and any route for then taking the project forward to a formal planning application stage. We are also able to identify whether such schemes would be of interest to our wide range public and private sector clients with regards to an outright purchase or joint venture, securing the land owner significant savings during the planning process.

Planning Applications

We coordinate and collate all forms of planning applications, present them in a detailed and comprehensive manner, that then ensures our Clients cases have the best possible chance of securing success. This approach is based on our five key staged approach that we apply to all cases:

  1. Assess the feasibility of the scheme and recommend mitigation of any potential planning risks
  2. Liaise with Local Authority and use our previous experience of dealing with them to provide fully informed advice
  3. Utilise our long standing associates to provide solutions to address identified technical challenges such as ecology, flooding and highway matters
  4. Prepare detailed Planning Statements and Design and Access Statements that summarise all merits of the case to illustrate how all relevant aspects of national and local planning policy are fully satisfied.
  5. Closely monitor applications through the determination process, ensuring that appropriate progress is made throughout by the Local Authority.
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Pre-Application Consultations

Since August 2016, any planning applications that propose more than 10 residential units or more than 1000m2 for commercial schemes require the need to undertake a Pre-Application Consultation.

In order to fulfil this requirement our team will publish your development by erecting site notices, conducting consultation meetings, writing to landowners and residents in neighbouring properties and liaising with statutory consultees.  All supporting documentation relating to your development such as Planning Statements, Technical Reports and Layout plans will be made available at local libraries and on our website.  Following the 28-day consultation period, our team will collate responses, identifying common themes and report our findings.

Planning Appeals

Our staff have an excellent track record of successfully appealing planning decisions through the three procedures of written statements, informal hearings and public inquiries. We also regularly make successful Costs Claims on behalf of our Clients as part of these processes and are able to fully advise on the matter.

Planning Appeals
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Enforcement Matters

Receiving an Enforcement Notice can be worrying and the repercussions expensive.  Our team will work quickly and efficiently to resolve the enforcement issue with minimum impact on your development timeline and budget whether this be by lodging a retrospective planning application or applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

Listed Building Advice

If you are looking to purchase and develop a listed building, our team can provide advice and recommendations so that you are able to make an informed choice regarding the feasibility of your proposed development.

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